Mission Hill School

There was a very warm welcome at the Mission Hill school. You can feel it when you come in. The people at the Mission Hill School care the most about the children in case of their feeling. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t continue with your program of the day. It’s about your feeling. If you feel okay, let’s do this! If it’s not, take your time and start maybe later. So.. I have to let it go.


Today I was looking for some questions I can ask children to get furhter and talk about their process. I think I found some that I can use in my classroom. 

How do you feel?

What do you need to get out of that feeling?

What do you know? 

How do you know that?

How did you know that’s true?

How did you get this information? 

What do you wanna know? 

What are your goals?

What do you need to get the goal? 

What do you need to do this?

Does it matter?

What do you wanne know more?

What do you like about…?

What did you learned?

And, what if….


3 gedachten over “Mission Hill School

  1. Dear Linde,
    What a great questions. Asking those questions will improve the learning of the children. That is what makes learning meaningfull

  2. Dear Linde, Frozen & Dianne taught us one thing: ‘Let it gooooo…!’ So maybe you should 😉

  3. Goeie vragen Linde! Met vragen te stellen leer je de kinderen zelf eigenaar te zijn of te worden. Voor mij is dat de belangrijkste manier van omgaan met kinderen op de dag van vandaag!

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